The Beauty Brands That Dreams Are Made Of

As much as budget buying in the beauty world is easy and convenient, there is nothing like splurging on luxury beauty products. Whether it be skincare, makeup or hair care, when you invest in yourself the feeling is indescribable. Walking into CVS and buying a mascara along with your multivitamins and toilet paper is just not the same as strutting into Saks, Neiman Marcus, or even Sephora. That is a whole pampering experience in and of itself. These luxury brands are what your beauty-lover-self’s dreams are made of. They may take a touch more research before buying, but that’s the whole point. When you shop high-end, you get the high-end experience. You get advice from a brand expert, can try samples, and play with the testers. So here are just some of the luxury brands that not only make you look amazing, but make you feel extra fabulous.


Via    Oribe

Via Oribe

One of the most talked about hair care products in the last few years is the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. It adds great volume, absorbs oils at the root, and is made without parabens and sodium chloride, which prevents the weakening of color and keratin treated hair. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray smells like what you would imagine Beyonce to smell like, not to mention the beauty of the packaging. This will not look like Garnier or Pantene on your vanity. Their products scream five-star hotel and best hair of your life. And it is more than the vibe of the brand that makes it so luxurious, Oribe’s line is full of beauty award winners.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has been a makeup artist to the stars for years. She has worked with the likes of Kate Moss, Amal Clooney, Naomi Campbell and more. Don’t you want to be just a bit closer to that sort of beauty and inspiration? Charlotte’s Hot Lips lipstick and Magic Cream are just a couple of her bestsellers. But the most coveted product from Charlotte Tilbury right now is her brand new Stars In Your Eyes eyeshadow palettes featuring 12 luxurious shades from light champagnes to deep burgundies. Currently sold out, but this one should be on your bookmarked list.


PAT McGRATH LABS is all about the obsession that is makeup: that mesmerizing feeling you get when you swatch a new eyeshadow palette or try a new shade of creamy lipstick. It is all about the power makeup has. Everything from the formula to the packaging is designed with a purpose. The art and creativity behind each and every shade, pigment, and product is unmatched. Since their latest MTHRSHP TOTALE, described as “the ultimate couture colour with a trio of ecstasy-inducing eye palettes,” the brand has received even more love from beauty insiders.


Finding accessible beauty oils and serums that are fine and well made can be hard. And no matter how many you have tried, there is no match to FARSÁLI’s. This skincare brand improves the look of any makeup you put on your skin. Some of their best sellers are the Unicorn Essence, an oil-free formula to help protect the skin from free radical damage while preparing it for layering, leaving your skin fresh and safe, with their Volcanic Elixir, made with pure 100% Polynesian Tamanu Oil. It is all-natural, eco-friendly, fragrance- and paraben-free, hypoallergenic, anti-septic with powerful antibacterial properties. The Volcanic Elixir is the perfect daily moisturizer for sensitive and acne prone skin. Finally, their Jelly Beam Highlighter is like nothing you have ever seen before; it applies like a gel, but sets like powder and gives you a wet-satin glow. These innovative formulas are multi-purpose and multi-use. They can be used purely as skincare or mixed into your favorite products to enhance the look of your skin. If your skin is craving goodies, FARSÁLI is the brand for you.


Via    Guerlain

Just the name on its own sounds otherworldly. From a primer with pure gold flecks, to their Imperial Oil made with orchids and 20 other precious botanical oils to enhance the firmness of your skin, if you are looking for the most exclusive of all skincare and makeup, this is the brand to reach for. The Terracotta Light Radiance Powder may very well be the most luxurious and stunning bronzer I have ever used, containing a cocktail of active ingredients to energize the skin, and protect it against free radicals and pollution in three seconds. Everything from the luxe packaging to the design of the compact and the color story in the pan screams decadent. Guerlain offers six shades for this bronzer to choose from, so no matter your skin tone or hue preference, there will be one to suit your needs. The expertise of Guerlain has only been enhanced since its inception in 1828.


If you have ever wanted to know which makeup your favorite celebrity was wearing, there is a good chance at least one of the products was from Kevyn Aucoin. He is one of the most revolutionary and iconic makeup artists of our time, and worked with Cher, Tina Turner, and Barbara Streisand. There is a reason so many infamous celebs steer toward Kevyn Aucoin and his collection. His Sculpting Contour Powder has been a must-have for makeup artists for ages. Unlike similar products that steer on the warmer side of things, this one is actually meant to create a shadow with its cooler tone that is much more natural looking. And I can tell you from experience, it actually works. Copies of this have been attempted, but never live up to the power of the OG. And although the shade range needs quite a revamp, the Sensual Skin Enhancer has been a go-to for anyone in need of radiant and flawless look while still maintaining a dewy complexion. Kevyn Aucoin is a brand designed for the pros, but you too can get your hands on what they use.


Via    Tatcha

Via Tatcha

Tatcha has a line of heritage beauty products from Japan. The culture seeps into each and every product, and is seen in the aesthetic of each and every bottle and jar. In fact, the owner, Victoria Tsai, used classical beauty secrets passed down through generations as inspiration for the brand. And all her research certainly paid off. The Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer is a luxuriously soft prep step before your makeup routine. Once you try it, you cannot turn back. It fills the pores, smooths the skin, and enhances everything you want to enhance, like magic. It is like you are walking around with a filter on. And I know I have mentioned plenty of lip masks on Openletr before, but the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask is a jelly that plumps, smooths, and soothes the lips like nothing else. With one night of use, you’ll wonder why and how you didn’t get your hands on this sooner. If you’re eager to try it all, which I’m sure you are, they recently launched a number of holiday sets, so you can get your hands on a good bit of the brand all at once.

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