The Beauty Culture is Changing, Thanks to Us

"Women are changing the culture of beauty. If you haven’t noticed maybe you haven’t been paying attention. Yes, the mainstream media still has quite a way to go. Magazines, news outlets, and blogs are still focused on a woman’s attire or amount of cleavage over the event or the reasons of her action, but women are speaking up about it more than ever.

Articles published on powerful women wearing a “naked” dress to charity events over donating thousands of dollars and fundraising for a good cause, show a strong disconnect. However, the beauty of it all comes from the instant reaction of the common people, who now more than ever aren't afraid to remind writers of where the importance truly lies. Yes, fashion is important, but a woman's decision to portray herself in a specific way shouldn't take over her positive contribution in advancing social good.

As we still have women attacking women, I’d like to celebrate the mindset of women supporting one another. Whether that be on social media, in real life or in Hollywood, seeing women applaud others is a breath of fresh air. Yes, there is still a culture of criticism that may come from self-doubt or just society, but right now we need to celebrate those who are doing it right.

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Not only are beauty standards changing and slowly dying, but the entire culture of beauty is different. Going onto Pinterest or opening a fashion magazine still contains what has been the norm for decades, but more often than not there is a post, an image, a quote that empowers women to make their own choices when it comes to dieting, makeup, and fashion.

In the most recent issue of Cosmopolitan, I came across an article discussing dieting, and although that is something so unique to each and every woman, this article struck me. The writer discussed how, we as women, put such pressure on ourselves to eat less and how focused we are on our look rather than how we feel. She decided to eat what she wanted, be aware of her feelings, and distance herself from the number of calories she incurred. In other words, she stopped depriving her existence.

Not to say that exercise and a healthy diet aren't vital, but she pointed out that feeling your best is more important. Confidence and self-love reigns over society’s beauty culture. And that is what I mean by women are changing the beauty culture.

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For ages, it seems the beauty ideals have been created and manipulated by men. And we have been caught in the middle. But now female beauty is being dominated by us. We have control over our beauty choices, and confidence overrides it all. We all struggle with flaws and self-doubts, but reading comments from women on Instagram or applauding a YouTube video doesn’t just boost the creator’s self-esteem, but it helps us all. The more positivity we see from others, the more positive we feel about ourselves.

We are doing more than ignoring the negativity and archaic ideas of “too fat” or “too skinny,” but rather improving our self-esteem through encouraging one another that we are perfectly good the way we are. When we are unhappy with how we look, it is more internal than external. Boosting one another is stopping the culture of criticisms and bullying, and rising beauty to mean something much deeper.

And some of this growth may not even be intentional. With the Women’s March and everything that has followed, we are gaining power through different tribes. This is giving our voices a larger stage and a louder sound. Whether we are complimenting a stranger on her shoes, leaving an empowering comment online, or praising women from all walks of life, we are altering the culture of beauty that has long been standardized by and for small groups of patriarchs. Celebrating all women, those that fit into the norm, as well as those that may not is what this society has been lacking for decades. And hopefully this behavior will stop being surprising and refreshing, and finally become the norm. Women deserve to love themselves and one another. We deserve to look in the mirror and see beauty, not flaws or things we wish we could change. And changing the culture will extend the impact and broaden the scope."


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