The Beauty of Pride Month

As most of you probably already know, this month is Pride Month. Although every month should be, this is a dedicated time to celebrate LGBTQ rights. That not only means it is time to dress up and walk in parades, but it is also time to really appreciate the beauty that everyone supporting the LGBTQ community is made of.

This month is not just about being happy to be gay, it is about celebrating and continuing to fight for equality. It is commemorating those that have fought this fight for years. It is about celebrating the LGBTQ right to exist in this society without oppression, discrimination, harassment or hate. This month we honor those that raise their families, care for their loved ones, and support love for all. And there is nothing more beautiful than that.

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You can show your pride this month by supporting charities, sharing your voice online or in person, even by wearing pride colors in your makeup or outfits. As long as behind any and all of those actions is respect and motivation to keep moving forward, we are doing Pride Month justice.

Whether you are gay or not and fully connect with its community, what matters is equal rights to all independent of race, gender, and sexual inclination, praising passion and beauty that is emitted from each and everyone one of us. The world is exclusive enough as it is, and Pride Month is about inclusivity, acceptance, and love. Loving who you love is not a crime, it does not make someone any less worthy of respect or decency, and it certainly does not give permission to be hateful. This month is a reminder of how we as humans should be all year round: tolerant and peaceful.

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The beauty of this month comes from those who stand up for what is right in the government, at their schools, jobs, in their homes, and on social media. Whether it is a photo of a couple getting married, adopting a child, or holding hands in public, everything we see throughout the media right now is a beauty that is not small, it is the celebration of how far the LGBT community has come. Yet it also reminds us of how far we still need to go to ensure that intolerance, hate, and utter bigotry is not at all accepted in our culture and around the world.

If you read this and agree, I encourage you to do something this month to support Pride Month. Whether it is an action big or small, it will make a difference. And that is all we need. We can never stop fighting for equality and acceptance, but that does not mean we have to stop the celebration of all that has been done so far.


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