The Beauty You Are Born With

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Help Reverse Women's Narrative

Imperfections are human. And imperfections are what make our beauty so powerful. If everyone had perfectly smooth skin without a blemish or spot, how would we even define beauty? Birthmarks, freckles, moles, and skin conditions are unique and beautiful. Without them, we would all be the same and individuality would be no more. We are born with our own beauty and that is something to celebrate, not hide.

Yes, as we grow and mature, our beauty takes on a new role. But the beauty we are born with defines us just as much. It would be nice to say our look does not define us as people, but we all know in this society that is not always the case. But, it does not have to be a bad thing. A break from beauty standards does not have to be an immediate cause of self-doubt. Others judge and we even judge ourselves, but our unique beauty can be turned into something more beautiful.

Taking something that would be considered a superficial flaw and let it anchor your confidence takes patience and personal growth. We have seen the influx of women sharing their stories and showing their unique beauty to the public through photoshoots, articles, and empowering movements, these give hope to those women who have yet to appreciate their bodies and their beauty, be it scars, freckles, or birthmarks.

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Growing up with a skin condition or visible marks is a different experience for everyone. Some deal with bullying and awkward stares, and others have constant support and are surrounded by friends and family that love them. It is hard to learn that having something some would see as a flaw is really what makes you unique and beautiful. It can be a daily battle to remind yourself that how others see you is not nearly as important as how you see yourself. But continuously seeing women on TV, in magazines, and even on social media showing their natural self with imperfections is a refreshingly pleasant reminder that we all have struggles.

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Some women have birthmarks, others deal with alopecia, and some have moles or freckles. There are endless skin concerns and conditions that change how we see ourselves. As a feminist platform, we have discussed women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and with numerous skin conditions. All of these women have taken the beauty they were born with and put it to good use by inspiring others and giving hope to those without it. To face your own beauty and mold it into something you consider an advantage rather than a weakness is a triumph, and to share it with the world is a marvel.

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We are still far away from where we should be when it comes to society’s judgement. Strangers, classmates, and coworkers still feel the need to question and bully others, causing the given beauty to become a trauma rather than confidence and strength. And that is why many women who have gone through similar situations are standing stronger than ever, and have broken free from the ripple effects by helping others. 

Although it is not the responsibility of these women to help, they have made it their mission to counteract how society dictates beauty norms. Just as we use makeup, hairstyles and fashion to improve our confidence, we can use the beauty we are born.

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It is not that having confidence in yourself makes the rude comments or whispers come to a halt, but it can help to reduce the impact those comments have by normalizing the perception. Having pride in the beauty you are born with may not silence bullies, but it can minimize their influence. Seeing others that look like you or have been through similar trials come out of it with an abundance of self-love gives more than short-lived comfort, but most importantly lasting faith.

Whether you have an obvious skin condition or a small mark that is barely visible, having the strength to accept the beauty you are born, in other words, your raw self is something no one can take away from you, and you will have no idea how many other women you will impact through by simply showing up the way you are.