The Best Beauty Gurus On YouTube

With so many beauty gurus online nowadays, it is impossible to watch them all. Trust me I have tried, and then got lost down a YouTube rabbit hole. It is also difficult to find the ones that you relate to, with the information and guidance you need. That is why we made a list of some of the best beauty gurus on YouTube. Some of these ladies offer killer makeup skills, others are best known for product reviews, and some even do fun and unique challenges. 

1. TheMakeupChair by Sinead Cady

Beauty Gurus - Sinead Cady.png

Sinead Cady is Ireland’s most followed beauty YouTuber. With some of the best tutorials around, her channel TheMakeupChair offers everything from beginner friendly makeup lessons to how to achieve a flawless complexion, or master the world of false eyelashes. Her charming accent and genuine personality draws you into her short and sweet videos. Sinead keeps everything straight to the point, and never overcomplicates your makeup application. So whether you are on the hunt for how to contour like a pro, or just dipping your toes into the beauty world, she has the videos to keep you on the learning path.

2. Samantha Jane

Beauty Guru - Samantha Jane .png

Samantha Jane has nearly 50,000 subscribers, and deserves so many more. By delivering her passion for makeup from Canada, she provides a different perspective: her no-nonsense attitude. She always tells it how it is, while remaining kind. Her smile is contagious, and takes you smoothly through her in-depth foundation reviews, vlogs featuring her adorable cat Roux, and her chats about new product releases. If you want fun and honest videos from a true makeup lover stick with Samantha!

3. Beauty Broadcast by Emily Noel

Beauty Gurus - Emily Noel.png

Emily Noel has been uploading to her Beauty Broadcast channel for over 10 years, which makes her one to follow. Her videos are addicting thanks to her fun personality and passion for makeup. Even better, watching her videos feels like chatting with a girlfriend. Not only that, she always comes up with fun and unique ideas, provides informative reviews, and doesn’t fall into overdone fads. From eyeshadow grab bags to talking about her love for magnetic lipstick closures and how cute packaging draws you in, she is the epitome of old school beauty guru. Take it back to the good old days with Emily.

4. Beauty News by Hailey and Kat

Beauty Guru - Beauty News .png

Beauty News is just what it sounds like. Hailey and Kat are strong and confident ladies who spill the tea on the beauty industry with their YouTube version of a beauty talk show. Whether they are destroying eyeshadow palettes to see how much product is really in there or divulging industry secrets, they will keep you in the know about thier favorite and least favorite beauty brands. And if you are the type who wants to be the first to hear about new product launches, sneak peeks, and leaks, they got you covered. Watching them destroy gorgeous and sometimes overpriced makeup is actually surprisingly relaxing, so go on and give them a watch!

5. Nyma Tang

Beauty Gurus - Nyma Tang.png

Nyma Tang is a game changer in the world of beauty. She has shaken up the idea that foundation is just makeup, and that having your skin tone match available is a significant part of society recognizing all ethnicities. With her series The Darkest Shade, she tests popular foundations to see if brands make shades that suit her beautiful dark skin tone. Nyma’s videos offer a new way to inspire beauty brands to be more inclusive.

6. Eman

Beauty Gurus - Eman.png

Eman is a professional makeup artist, which definitely shows when you watch her YouTube videos. Her tutorials on how to achieve perfect eyebrows, holiday glam, and the sexiest smokey eye truly stand out. Some of our favorites videos are her celebrity inspired ones. She recreates makeup looks from beauty icons like Gigi Hadid, Camila Cabello, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez, and many more, and reveals gorgeous and dramatic beauty transformations while sharing wearable and doable looks no matter the level of expertise.

You could call these women the hidden gems of YouTube, but we call them hard working strong female entrepreneurs. We know there are thousands of beauty gurus on YouTube that deserve to be highlighted as well. While we shared the few that stood out to us at the moment, don’t forget to show your appreciation to all the beauty gurus on YouTube that share ways to save money, master the perfect winged liner, and let us escape from our hectic lives even for a few minutes.