The Coolest of the Cool in Beauty. You Want to Check these.

We know that along with tan lines, pina coladas, and beach trips with the summer season comes sweat, grease, and the oh so dreadful heat. But it seems like brands are finally starting to catch on too. So today I am coming to you with some chillingly awesome new products to the beauty market that are perfect for beating the heat. Everything from skincare to haircare these are the newest of the new and the coolest of the cool in beauty at the moment.

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Photo via Boscia

Boscia Cactus Water Hydrating Cream is an ultra lightweight moisturizer that provides your skin with the quench of hydration it craves, but without feeling greasy or sticky. Not only does it look super cool, but it actually benefits the skin in multiple ways. In summer our skin tends to get a little out of whack, and whether your skin gets super oily or extra dry, this moisturizer absorbs fast and helps to balance your oil production to get things back on track. The cactus ingredient is what helps this product rejuvenate the skin no matter what type of sweltering heat you might be dealing with. This also has plant based ingredients that help to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone, and even keep skin ultra moisturized for up to 48 hours. Plus this product can be used day or night to soothe the skin, and even comes with a cute little spatula to keep the jar sanitary.

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Photo via Milk Makeup

MILK MAKEUP Watermelon Brightening Serum sounds so juicy and refreshing I cannot even handle it. The color, the convenient stick packaging, and the no mess or fuss of it all is perfect for summer. Imagine sitting at the beach, your skin is feeling parched and saltwater won’t really help, what do you do? Toss this serum stick into your tote and you will have a hydration boost instantly; anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately this does not have a sweet watermelon scent, but we can look passed that for the benefits it does have. It is cruelty-free, vegan, fragrance-free, and oil-free for a start. It contains watermelon extract for hydration, swiss garden cress sprout for a more bright and even looking skin tone, and matrixyl to boost your skin’s elasticity. Amping up your skincare has never been easier.

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Photo via Glam Glow

The new GLAMGLOW Instamud 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment is the perfect addition to their beauty award-winning collection of face masks, and this is perfect for summer and for girls on the go. This treatment refines your pores, smoothes you skin, and evens out skin tone, all in just 60 seconds. With skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, bentonite and kaolin clays, licorice root, and witch hazel this mask of sorts foams up on the skin to energize your complexion. Not only does it feel rejuvenating, especially in the morning, but this will detoxify, refine, and prep your skin for the day.

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Photo via Ouai

Ouai Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray is not your mother’s sun spray. The best way I can describe this is “luxury sun-in,” and it actually works. No more yellow or brassy streaks, as you probably remember from junior high. Just head over to the Ouai Instagram for some killer before and afters. This ombre spray is made of lemon and coconut water that is activated by the heat to give you natural looking sun-kissed highlights. It can even be used on brown and even dark brown hair without going brassy. And this actually nourishes your hair in the process. Plus it smells like a tropical paradise, so not only will you have hair that makes it look like you just came back from an island vacation, but you’ll smell like it too.

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Photo via Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask & Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer are some of the juiciest and most mouth watering products to reach for this summer. They soothing, cooling, and hydrating, and watermelon lovers will fall head over heels for the sweet watermelon scent in these products. You can even buy them in a set from Sephora so you can go all out with the freshest skincare on the market. Both of these products are antioxidant rich and offer the skin a surge of quenching moisture as well as brightness. These products feel cool on contact and both have the most luxurious textures to them. The sleeping mask is pillow-proof, exfoliating, and will reveal refreshed, soothed, and glowing skin by morning. As for the moisturizer, it has a bouncy gel texture that is serum like and perfect for all skin types.

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Photo via Yesto

Yes to Cucumbers Cooling Mud Mask is a drugstore alternative that will offer you immediate relief from tired, dry, and sensitive skin. This contains a fun roller applicator that lets you apply it all over the face without any mess. You leave it on for about 10 minutes. As it cools and soothes overworked, dehydrated, or irritated skin, you will feel a slight tightness. Then once you rinse, your skin will feel instantly purified, refreshed, and healed. Plus it has a nice cucumber scent which makes the whole process that much more cool.

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Photo via The Glow Trotter

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist is one of the newest products from the popular tanning brand, and it was quickly well received by tanning lovers everywhere. When applying fake tan in the summer, it is hard not to go overboard, not to mention the risk of sweating it off before it even dries. And I don’t know about you, but for some reason my tan never seems to last on my face (perhaps due to regular exfoliation). This mist however gives you a natural looking bronze all over your face and neck area while being completely foolproof. It is cruelty-free, vegan, and smells like summer. It is ultra lightweight, so you can use it on clean skin, let it sit then follow with your normal routine. You will immediately start to see a gradual tan that can also be built up. There are no orange hands, funny smells, or streaks with this no fuss tanning mist.

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Photo via Jo Malone London

Jo Malone Tropical Cherimoya Cologne is a delectable fragrance that is a mix of fruity and floral. With everything from juicy pear to passion flower, this scent emits a natural yet unique aroma. And to keep things different, tonka bean and Brazilian copahu resin base the scent with a warmth that is indescribable. The perfect balance of sweet and rich for the summer season is sure to cool you down and perk you up.

These products are all so refreshing, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from placing a Sephora order right now. On a hot and especially humid day, how badly do you want to reach for some of these juicy and fresh goodies? Watermelon, cactus, and the unequivocal coconuty scent of summer are prominent in these gems. So get the coolest of the cool in beauty this summer with these refreshing pick me ups!


Cover photo via Vogue