The Endless Fun of Themed Makeup

There is scented makeup, fruit infused makeup, and it does not stop there. Pop culture themed makeup has been around for quite a while with more fun options popping up all the time. Urban Decay launched their Oz The Great & Powerful collections a few years back. There have also been some unique themes brought out by MAC, and did you catch the Harry Potter palettes?

These themed launches are not just for nostalgia's sake either. Most of these movie or fairytale based collections are actually pretty high quality. So not only are you getting pigmented shadows, colorful lipsticks, and soft brushes, but you get the enjoyment of reconnecting with an old favorite in the process.

Some may say such releases are a tad juvenile, but makeup is supposed to be fun. Isn’t it? If you don’t like the quirky and colorful world of themed makeup, take a pass, there are plenty of classy and mature palettes around. But if you want to get in touch with your inner child, do not miss out on these throwback, pop culture, and fandom-based palettes.

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Photo via Sola Look

Here is a brand that tends to fly under the radar, but deserves way more recognition for their throwback collections that always seem to hit the nail on the head. Sola Look has released a Dirty Dancing palette, a Flashdance palette, and a Saved by the Bell collection. Their most recent launch is a colorful Pink Ladies eyeshadow palette for all the Grease lovers out there, and there are a lot. These palettes have received tons of love online from a niche beauty community, but just look at those colors. And with shade names like Electrifyin’, Johnny Castle, and Maniac, you will be transported to the 80s with each application.

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Photo via Besame Cosmetics

We all adore the vintage selections that Besame Cosmetics offers; from face powders, to old school mascara, and of course their classic red lipsticks that are reformulated from real shades that were available throughout history. But their themed launches are just as magical. For Disney lovers, they have a beautiful Snow White collection with shadows, lipsticks, balms, and adorably accurate accessories. Then for their ever popular Agent Carter line, they offer everything you can imagine from the 1940’s. With lipsticks, powders and more, you will feel glamorous in it all. And one of their more colorful collections is the Avengers Infinity War for Marvel fans. Perhaps not as glamorous as the others, but with shimmery shadow singles that match flavorful lip glosses, you can represent your favorite heroes with flare.

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Photo via Lorac Cosmetics

Lorac Cosmetics maybe known for their Pro palettes that are filled with wearable neutrals, but did you know they have the most adorable Disney Beauty & the Beast palette available? The themed packaging does veer away from Lorac’s normal modern designs, but are you complaining? You can expect the pigmented and easily blendable quality that you are used to from Lorac, with some fun names like Enchanted, Tea Time, and Our Guest amongst others. This palette has a princess vibe, comes with 16 shades, and a dual ended brush.

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Photo via The Urban List

For something a little more modern in style, but still nostalgic in presentation, Crayola launched its very own makeup line exclusively at ASOS. Why just draw on paper when you can draw on your face? Nearly everything is in the shape of their OG crayons, and they have versatile goodies like lip and cheek colors, highlighters, and mascaras. There is every color you could imagine along with a lip palette, a face palette, and some eyeshadow palettes. And if you want to go all out, there is a cute shimmery makeup bag and some brushes.

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Photo via Storybook Cosmetics

If you want to crack into a new palette the way you crack into a new book, then Storybook Cosmetics is the perfect choice for you. With palettes that actually look like legit books and have such spot on themes, you won’t believe it. They are all about accuracy. If you are a Harry Potter fan the Witchcraft and Wizardry collection has fun and eery shades, plus a collection of brushes that look like actual magic wands. They also have the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory palette, which is full of colorful shades that will remind you of the OG movie. And then, what seems to be a favorite of many, the Mean Girls Burn Book Palette is copied after the book in the movie and features shades called Grool, Glen Coco, and So Fetch. Imagine having these book-like palettes resting on your vanity; even Regina George would approve.

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Photo via Hot Topic

And the last place you might look to for makeup; Hot Topic. A store that sells all things pop culture, takes it far beyond t-shirts and decor. They have makeup collections for all the most passionate fandoms around. If you can think of it then Hot Topic probably sells it. You may have not stepped foot into a Hot Topic since you left your Emo stage behind in high school, but the store has expanded its range to reach nearly every community there is. For the 90s obsessed, they created a fun slime looking Nickelodeon palette featuring the classic bright orange. Then for anyone who has had a crush on the Winchesters for the last 13 years, they have two eye palettes along with perfumes, brushes, lip products and more. And for those who have been sucked into the drama-fueled town of Riverdale, there is a makeup collection for you too.

Which one of these themed palettes pulls at your heartstrings? Are you more of a musical gal? Or maybe you are all about the teen dramas or magic spells? Perhaps drawn into them all?