Our Favorites Underrated Eyeshadow Palettes

We’ve all heard of the Urban Decay Naked palette and the Anastasia Modern Renaissance, and no hate to them (they’re great), but there are so many other gorgeous eye shadow palettes on the market. You probably haven’t even heard of a lot of them. Thankfully we did the research, and found the best everyday and evening palettes that will blow you away. From intense pigment, to creaminess, and versatility, we’ve got everything you’ve been looking for. And even some eyeshadow palettes with shades you didn’t know you wanted.


1. First up, we’ve got The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette. Starting with the adorable packaging that features actual cartoon nude dudes, this palette is ideal for all the neutral lovers in the bunch. With mauve mattes, pink shimmers, golds, deeper browns and burgundies everything is in this palette. The beauty looks you can achieve with these soft yet intensely pigmented powders are unlimited. Go from work to play to a glamorous evening out with this 12-pan palette.

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2. For the soft romantics the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette is ideal. It offers a stunning neutral shade range, but is all matte with the exception of one transforming shimmer shade. You can create a sunset scene on your lids, or take some soft blue or purple to make your eyes really stand out. And if you tend to have tons of shimmers or glitters in your collection, throw this one into the rotation and your crease will be blended to perfection.

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3. If you find that you’re someone who discovers a brand you love and then sticks with it, Viseart is the one for you. With a smaller color selection, but unmatched quality from pigment to blending ability you won’t find an eyeshadow palette to love more. The Viseart Theory Palettes come in five shades ranging from cool to gold to purple and so on. You’ll have half mattes and half shimmers for the perfect balance, and a perfectly sized handheld palette you can take anywhere. Forget about collecting tons of trendy palettes when you can pick the one that speaks to you everyday. And if you feel like branching out, grab another, because the shades in here pop out so you can mix and match a palette of your own.

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4. Now whether you’re a makeup artist or a newcomer to the beauty game looking to experiment with some color, this is the palette you need. The Ofra Cosmetics Bright Addiction Eyeshadow Palette has every bright color you could dream of. Without overdoing it or providing too many shades and not enough pigment, this palette brings color back to the makeup world. Make makeup an art again with this rainbow palette. Reach for a hot pink, a bright yellow, or even a teal blue, and you’ll always get the bold brightness and blending power you’re looking for.


5. We’re taking it back to the basics with this one. If a brand would have gotten you started in your beauty obsession, it would have been MAC. After the initial obsession it seems like newer trendier palettes have pushed MAC into the backseat in some circles. But let’s remember why MAC is such a household name; from their amazing shade ranges to outstanding quality. MAC eyeshadows are unmatched. And the MAC Cool Neutral Palette gives you the smoky rocker shadows you’ve always loved. With a few pops of brightness alongside their sultry deeper powders, you can make beauty relive the past through classics like this one.

Eyeshadow palettes are a must-have for every beauty lover. But why go for the trendy palettes when there are so many others that are even better right out in the world for you to swatch, blend, and play with? Make the art of makeup fun again by adding a little of you to your look and your beauty buys.

Cover Photo by Allure

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