The Top 5 Blackhead Vacuums for Home Facials

Unless you have been living under a rock (with the latest political news, I wouldn’t blame you), you have likely seen or heard something about blackhead vacuums. They are all the rage right now. Nearly every beauty blogger and vlogger has reviewed one (including myself). These handy gadgets are super intriguing.

You know the satisfaction you get when you rip off a pore strip, and see the grossness come off. You may have even used a blackhead extractor to scrape those nasties out of your skin. But actually seeing blackheads being sucked out of someone’s skin with a vacuum is much better. With all the hype, do these gadgets really work? And if so, which ones are the best?

Photo via    YouTube

Photo via YouTube

First, let’s get into what these devices actually claim to do. Most of them claim to reduce acne and blackheads, but many take our expectations to a whole new level. Every one of these devices from high end to under $20 claims to reduce the appearance of large pores, scarring, and even fine lines and wrinkles. Quite hefty promises, if you ask me.

With all these wild claims, the before-and-after photos these products share cannot be argued with. When you see someone’s nose go from speckled with dark spots to completely smooth and clear, no wonder everyone and their granny are picking one up. The surge of YouTube reviews, I’m sure, comes with the idea of fun and eye-catching thumbnails of a machine literally pulling on your skin, but also comes from genuine intrigue. There is a reason so many people want these devices. The other remedies such as steaming, extracting, and pore strips aren’t effective enough.

These vacuums work similarly to the regular ones that suck up pet hair and grime in your carpet. They extract the debris, dead skin cells, and gunk. But, that does not mean they are a cure-all for blackheads and acne, and it does not mean these devices will work for everyone. If your blackheads are already loose and near the surface, a device like this will definitely work. So try it after a steamy shower, facemask, or even a bit of exfoliation. But, most of these pore vacuums have multiple levels of suction, and that is where problems begin. Not enough suction and it won’t do anything; too much suction and you end up with red irritated skin, or even a hickey-like mark.

Photo via    BuzzFeed

Photo via BuzzFeed

Not only can too much suction on sensitive skin cause a bruise, but it can also break blood vessels, which can be permanent and require lasers for removal. Vacuums are to be considered as an extra step in your skincare regime. They will not replace your scrub, cleanser, toner, serum, or moisturizer. Not to mention, they can be quite painful. So which of the thousands of blackhead vacuums is right for you? Even though they are intriguing and satisfying, it is not without risk. So investing in only the best of the best and taking it slow, are essential in making a blackhead vacuum actually work for you.

1. PMD Personal Microderm

Photo via    PMD Beauty

Photo via PMD Beauty

This is where the hype began. In fact, the PMD had its start years ago. But its initial use was not to clear pores or breakouts, rather it was to achieve brighter and more radiant skin. The suction is meant to improve circulation and cell turnover to jump-started your skin into healing. Women all over YouTube were using this to help heal acne scars and hyperpigmentation a few years back. So this is really the mother of all blackhead vacuums. And with that, it also has the highest price at over $100. So although this brand may be the most trusted, offers the most devices, and has been around for ages, you may want to keep your purchase within budget, and explore your options.

2. SZCTKlink Electronic Facial Vacuum

Photo via    Amazon

Photo via Amazon

This vacuum comes with a handy little kit and is rechargeable, which makes it a bit more convenient. It also claims to reduce wrinkles, smooth out rough or uneven skin texture, get rid of sun damage and age spots, reduce the look of scars, and remove blemishes to reveal a glowing skin. That is asking a lot of one little machine, so as long as you don’t get your hopes up too high, this could be a real contender. A big plus for this option is the waterproof feature. That means, you can use it whilst in the shower right when your skin is at its softest and the blackheads are removed with the least amount of effort.

3. Lancoona Electric Pore Vacuum

Photo via  Amazon

Photo via Amazon

If you enjoy having options on options on options, this is the vacuum for you. It is under $50 and has some additional benefits on top of most others. It has the same claims as other devices, and also features three different light technologies to help heal and treat blemishes and spots. A red lamp promotes collagen, the green lamp helps rid the skin of melanin to lighten dark spots, the blue light sterilizes the skin, and that’s not all. It comes with a cool compressor to help reduce redness and inflammation, and a warm compressor to accelerate the elimination of dirt. The Lancoona vacuum has been highly recommended by users, so if you want to try different attachments and the many features it provides, you should go for it. The only downside to this is the extremely strong suction power, you will really want to start off low. And if you have sensitive skin, you may want to steer clear.

4. Apolol Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remover

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At under $20, this is the most basic of the basic blackhead vacuums. If you are interested but don’t want to invest and are intrigued but aren’t sure if it is for you, this is the ideal option. In fact, this is the one I have and used multiple times. It comes with four attachments that are labeled for acne, scarring, and wrinkles. It is easily chargeable and the lowest suction level is gentle enough even for my sensitive skin. With that being said, going above level 2 suction is not a good idea as it is quite painful. And taking this device on any portion of my face that is not my T-zone created intense redness and irritation. From my first use, I immediately decided to only use this in the area I have large pores and blackheads (my nose). You also do not want to leave it on one section for too long, as that is how bruises form. It took about three days for the initial redness around my face to diminish, but with that, my skin did feel insanely smooth and my blackheads were much less noticeable for about 2-3 weeks. So, I would only use this 1-2 times per month, which makes the cheapest one the best option for me.

5. Silk’n ReVit Diamond-Peeling Microderm

Photo via    Silk’n Revit

Photo via Silk’n Revit

Okay, so this is another pricey option, but it is different from the others. First of all, the before-and-afters are the most dramatic. Not only does it reduce the look of pores and blemishes, but it truly helps with the appearance of scars and the youthfulness of your skin. Why is the effect of this vacuum different from the others? Well, the attachments don’t just vacuum the pores, they aid with exfoliation to gently remove unwanted debris from the surface. It comes with 30 replacement filters that prove how much dead skin is being removed. Although that is an advantage, it is also a con. Once you run out of the filters that are included in the original pack, you have to buy replacements which costs $9 for a pack of 30. I would say the original 30 should last you 2-4 months depending on how often you use the device. But, if you really want to have the satisfaction of seeing how many blackheads and how much dead skin your pore vacuum sucks up, this is amazing.

These tools are not meant to be used for more than 5 minutes per day, should always be used in an outwards motion, and you should always start with the most gentle attachment and level of suction. Also be sure to clean out your device no matter which one you get. Even if you don’t see a bunch of debris in the attachment. Otherwise, you will spread bacteria. I find that using a cotton swab is the easiest way to get any oils and dirt out of the small crevices. I also spray the attachments with alcohol or wipe it with a disinfectant to ensure it is as clean as possible. Blackhead vacuums are indulgent and satisfying to use. They can help your skin is some cases, but just as all other remedies for blackheads and large pores, they are not a miracle product. They will not work for everyone and come with their fair share of risks.

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