Things You May Be Doing That Are Harming Your Skin

We are always so focused on skincare essentials. We know all the steps we should take and the routine we should follow to get the best skin possible, but what about all the things we should not do? Whether these things are just what we are used to doing or we thought they were actually good for us, there are some steps you may be taking that are doing your skin much more harm than good. 

Please give the rest of this post a read to find out if you have been making these skincare faux pas before you do irreparable damage to your skin.

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If you are using SPF only when on vacation you are not using it often enough. Not only is sunscreen protecting from the harsh UV rays, skin cancer, sun spots, and wrinkles, but being at the pool or the beach is not the only time you are at risk. When you walk from a far parking spot, go for a jog, and shovel snow in the winter the sun is there even when it isn’t seen. And this should not be that hard to start doing if you have been slacking. Sunscreen is in so many foundations, tinted and regular moisturizers. And if you are exposing your legs in a sundress or your shoulders in a cold-shoulder sweater, lube up those areas as well. You may not be able to see the damage the sun is doing now, but in a few years those oh so cute freckles will be age spots and wrinkles that cannot be fixed. It is so much easier to prevent skin damage than to try to repair it later. So pick up a body SPF as well as a facial SPF. And for an extra hint, if you find that your skin breaks out from sunscreen pick up a formulation meant for babies as it will be more sensitive on the skin.

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If you wash your face in the shower, I get it. It is convenient, easy and seems so relaxing. But in fact, all of those factors do not make this action worth it. From the chemicals in your shampoo interacting with your skin, to the hot water dehydrating, and then drying your face with your body towel are very bad.

When you shower, more likely than not, the water is nice, hot, and steamy. And although it may feel great, it is awful for your skin. Your body already shouldn’t be exposed to it, but the skin on your face is much more sensitive. The steaming hot water dries out the skin, so this will not only cause discomfort and potentially wrinkles, it can cause your skin to overproduce oils that lead to breakouts. Washing your face with cool water in the sink is not as annoying as it may seem. You’ll get used to it and your skin will be happy you did.

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Face masks are all the rage. We love them just as much as you do. But just like cheese fries and donut holes, everything in moderation. Masks are wonderful for clearing out your pores or adding a surge of moisture to the skin. But if you go too crazy with face masks your skin could have a terrible reaction.
Have you ever noticed that most face mask directions say to use 2-3 times per week? Well, that does not mean you should use a different mask the other 4-5 days. Multi-masking is a great way to use all the masks you want without going overboard. For instance, you can use your clarifying mask in your more oily or acne prone areas, the exfoliating mask were you have more texture, and your hydrating one where you have dryness. That way, you can get all the benefits you want only where your skin actually needs it. If you apply the potent ingredients that masks contain to your skin daily, it can get overly dried out or go into freak out mode from trying to adjust to too many products. So stick to the 2-3 days a week rule. That goes for overnight and sheet masks as well.

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You may not think of this has a skincare issue, maybe it seems like more of a retina issue. But special glasses are necessary more often than just during an eclipse. When you forget to wear sunglasses while driving, riding a train, or taking a walk, you could be aiding your future wrinkles in their deepness. Squinting, especially for a long period of time distorts your face and increases forehead wrinkles as well as crow’s feet. It can also cause the skin under your eyes, which is already delicate and prone to sagging, to become thinner and more susceptible to harm and damage. So whether you go for Ray-Bans, Dior, or pick up a pair of sunglasses on your next Target run, your skin will thank you for it.

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And last but certainly not least, touching your face is a major no-no. Popping pimples that spread bacteria, tugging at your eyes, and leaning on your hands throughout the day are all a cause for concern. Yes, you should touch your face when washing it and applying product, but other than that steer clear, as your hands are dirty even when you wash them consistently and use hand sanitizer, you still hit the elevator button, open the bathroom door, or pay for your mid-afternoon coffee. And when you touch your face, it is like spreading the bacteria from all these things to your face. This can cause breakouts, create oil build ups, lead to wrinkles and more. So keep your hands off!

Once you adopt these changes into your skincare routine, your beauty products will begin to work like they never have before. Your serums should absorb better, your inflammation and dryness should balance out, and your beauty will radiate. These little actions may seem like harmless habits, but in reality your skin is screaming out for help every time you leave the house without SPF, poke at a zit, or blast your face with hot shower water.


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