Tom Brady Still Throwing Up After Drinking Beer Too Fast

In an appearance on Monday “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady took part in a beer chugging contest with the host. Brady won, but is still paying the price as he has not stopped vomiting since.

The 5-time Super Bowl champ downed the beer extremely fast, and was fine until the segment ended. It was then that Brady’s face became flushed and he staggered off the stage after being helped by several PA’s. Tom appeared irate and slurring his words screaming, “leave me alone! I’m fine, I’m fine.” He then hit on a female stylist before realizing his wife, Giselle was standing right there. She promptly dragged Brady out of the building, and in to a waiting limousine where the 40-year-old passed out.

He was whisked to a back entrance of the Four Seasons where several bellman carried him onto a luggage cart, and took the service elevator to his room.

When he awoke in the morning all appeared fine and after wolfing down a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, the gastrointestinal problems ensued, and have not stopped since. By all reports, the QB has lost a considerable amount of weight, and has vowed to “never, ever touch alcohol again, unless it’s for an endorsement.”