Try Something New in Makeup: It's Festival Season!

With festival season upon us, unique and glittery makeup trends are about to take over your Instagram feed. And it is super easy to get caught up in all the glitz and glam. But is it realistic to recreate these celebrity and influencer looks on an everyday basis? Perhaps. If you have the beauty abilities and desire to rock these gorgeous trends to the office, more power to you. But for those of us who hesitate trying out a lip color that is a few shades deeper than our norm, it can feel like a bit much.

Just because we are likely to steer clear of the makeup looks from Coachella, doesn’t mean we don’t want to branch out a little. And the best way to do that is to make small changes and do one at a time. What is so fun about festivals and outdoor concerts is that you can do it all at once without a second thought. But when you want to add some bright colors, glitter, or gloss to your everyday look it can be a little daunting. Imagine wearing this to your office party...

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Rock what you want, but unfortunately in our society it is hard to be taken seriously when you experiment with your looks. So instead of going all out at once, I found some standout makeup trends that require minimal skills, minimal time, and only a little courage.

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Colored eyeliner on the upper or lower lash line is a growing trend all year round. Of course it is easier to get away with a moss green or navy, but electric or neon shades are all the rage for spring and summer. The key to pulling off this look is keeping the rest of your makeup rather simple. Go for a dewy base, fill in your brows, and maybe a touch of contour and a nude lip, then finish it off with an electric colored liquid liner for the sharpest look. Urban Decay makes their Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner in multiple shades, and it is perfect for this bright look. The compliments will surely be flying in.

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Glitter Tears might be a bit extreme for work, but on a night out with the girls it is a fun and playful beauty look. You can use a loose glitter like the ones from MAC that come in 53 shades with some makeup setting spray to achieve this. But if you just cannot be bothered with something like that, which can get a touch messy, then you can use the new Glossier Lidstar under the eyes. These come in 6 shades, and are cream shimmers that are super easy to blend, and will set to last up to 12 hours. Plus, using glitter under the eyes is the perfect way to conceal dark circles.

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Crease Eyeliner is quite similar to the colored eyeliner on the lash line, but stands out a touch more. This also doesn’t have to be as precise or sharp. So you can go in with any colored pencil liner, and carefully follow your crease from the inner to the outer part of your lid. You’ll want something that lasts long, won’t transfer, but is creamy enough to work with. The Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner comes in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes, so the options are endless. I personally love a pastel shade for this, but you can even take a black or white shade for a monochrome look. Better yet, double up with two lines in varying shades.

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Glitter Freckles are a touch more subtle than the glitter tears trend, but still offer a playful element to your everyday style. Stick with your normal look then you can take some MAC Fix+ on a small flat eyeshadow brush, and place your favorite glitter where freckles would normally be seen. Across the bridge of the nose and onto the cheeks is ideal. And what makes this look so versatile is that you can go heavy with the glitter, or just use a few specks to add a touch of shine.

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I am not exactly sure what you would call this look. Maybe Sharp Solid Shadow or Geometric Eyes? But either way, it is stunning and modern. This is much less bohemian than most festival inspired makeup trends, and is a great way to have your beauty stand out in a professional setting. This look can be recreated by packing on a pigmented shadow, and wiping away any fallout, or even by filling the lid in with a pencil liner. Again, keeping the rest of your makeup on the more natural side will ensure your look doesn’t go overboard. You can also play around with this by winging the color out, creating other shapes that would suit your eyes, or choosing colors that make your eyes pop. This eye makeup with some statement earrings, and a sleek dress, or suit will stand out in a sea of blah.  

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And finally, the most wearable of all, Matching Lips and Eyes. To me, this is reminiscent of matching my eye shadow to my shirt in junior high. But instead matching your lips and eyes is such a fun way to branch out off your beauty comfort zone. We constantly match our cheeks and lips, but this look seems to slip through the cracks. Some colors that would be fun to work with are orchid, burgundy, red (as seen above), orange, coral, and even grey or mauve. The options are truly endless here. Just keep the cheeks more toned down. If you want to use blush go for a soft shade of barely there pink, use your bronzer as blush, or reach for a more peachy highlighter for the cheek bones. And to finish off the look, blend, blend and blend! By dabbing in your lip color to appear as more of a stain and blending the eyeshadow out, you will look effortless and soft enough for everyday.

Now, go out and rock one of these statement beauty trends. You can even take it step by step, and start with something simple like glossy eyelids or holographic highlighter. I know it can seem intimidating at first, but next time you’re procrastinating on paying bills or cleaning the bathroom, play around with your makeup and try something new. Just wear it around your house, and glance in the mirror every now and then to get used to it. In no time, you’ll be paving the way for other women to step out of their makeup rut, and go for a fun new trend.



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