Underneath We Are Women

As we make our way through the beauty world hoping for more transparency from brands, the campaign Underneath We Are Women is providing us with spectacular diversity. Amy D. launched this project on her site UnderneathIAm.com, and is sharing a photo book of 100 women from all walks of life, stripped down to their underwear. As both the CEO and a talented photographer, Amy’s self-love campaign doesn’t stop with photos. With each picture of an inspiring and real woman that is shared, her story is also told. This way we get to see the beauty of all women both inside and out.

This is something that is often missing from the beauty industry. Rarely we will get an ad from L’Oréal True Match Foundation with un-retouched and true women fully exposed and up close. Constantly seeing images of a “perfect” woman in magazines, online, and everywhere else is not just disappointing, but can be and usually is hard on one’s self-esteem. Having an outlet to discover real women with the confidence to show off their bodies, is what we need in the world, and the feminist community.

Underneath We Are Women - OPENLETR 1.png

Even within a growing feminist culture comparisons between women’s bodies is common. It is human nature. You can read a women’s magazine that is talking about self-love, but then flip the page and see them pushing a photoshopped weight loss brand. So having something that is so pure can be a wonderful start to appreciating our bodies for what they are; imperfections and all.

On the website, Amy writes “UNDERNEATH, WE ARE... young, fat, tall, we are trans, skinny, disabled, we are mothers, we are short, scarred, and old. We are the many labels that society has created for us. But what if I told you that underneath, underneath it all, I AM... determined, tenacious, strong, capable, loud, resilient... would you see me differently? So sure, give us a label, put us in a category, but underneath it all, WE ARE women.”

Not only is this becoming a popular social media campaign, but Underneath We Are Women is launching their book in 2019. You can preorder it here. If you can’t wait, be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with the progress.

This book is for you and me, women who are feminists, who want to be 100% happy within their bodies, and who simply are. As women, we need to see such empowering images in order to carry out these ideas and spread the message that women are more than labels. We are beautiful, thanks to our bodies and regardless of them, and most importantly, we are beautiful thanks to our inner-selves. 

Underneath We Are Women - OPENLETR 2.png

Underneath We Are Women is an outlet that allows us to break the taboos surrounding the definition of beauty. And that is where Amy’s goal with this book comes in. She wants to educate and expose us to this marvelous diversity through visual imagery and inspiring stories. There are no smoke and mirrors nor secrets within the pages. All of it is going to be splayed out in a gorgeous coffee table book to start a conversation or a thought about who women really are.

And personally, I could not be more proud of this woman I have never met or heard of before Underneath We Are Women was shared online. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that this is something so groundbreaking in 2018. But it also makes me hopeful for the future of women, feminism, and beauty.


Photos via UnderneathIam.com