Vintage Inspired Beauty Brands

There is something about vintage fashion, beauty and even TV that is so intriguing. Looking back on the way things used to be is not only nostalgic, but can often inspire new designs and unique ideas. In the beauty world there is so much new popping up, from holographic makeup to putty makeup and more, but sometimes taking it back to the beginning is refreshing. Plus, if something has survived the test of time, there must be a pretty darn good reason for it.

And those are the brands we wanted to highlight today. The beauty brands that are inspired by classic designs, colors, and their passion for beauty in the golden age.


First up is the brand that launched the idea for this post: Besame Cosmetics. This luxury line of cosmetics was inspired by a fascination with female beauty in art, history, and style. In fact, all of the products in the Besame line are reproduced versions of classic makeup from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. They have done extensive testing and research to get their shades to match the originals exactly. Their best sellers are their gorgeous red lipsticks that are specially shaped for the ideal application and lasting power. From their beautiful gold packaging to their intricate handcrafted formulas, Besame has perfectly captured the essence of the vintage aesthetic. Whether you have an interest in Old Hollywood beauty or are looking for a gift for the beauty lover in your life, anything from Besame Cosmetics is sure to stand out.


On to a bit more of a playful brand: theBalm Cosmetics. With products that boast hilarious puns and vintage artwork, the brand has become wildly popular in the beauty world. And not only does their packaging have an authentic and adorable vintage vacation vibe, but their powder eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters are all some of the most pigmented on the market. A cruelty-free product line, theBalm, pushes their vintage inspiration an extra step with their cult favorite products like the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter and the Nude Dude eyeshadow palette that uses shades to actually cover up illustrated nude dudes.  How fun is that? The brand was launched in 2004 by Marissa Shipman with the idea that makeup and skincare can be both simple and enjoyable. And she was right.


The most well known brand on our list, that is Benefit! Benefit has an enormous range of cosmetics which dates back to the brand’s conception in 1976. Jean and Jane Ford opened a small makeup shop in San Francisco, and only one year later, launched their first bottle of Rose Tint, which is now extremely well known as Benetint — a rosy colored lip and cheek stain. Benefit’s history is full of female empowerment, and shows how much a beauty brand that holds onto their initial ideals can find such success throughout the years. The boxed blushes and fun old school packaging on even their newer launches make you feel just that little bit more excited to reach for your beauty essentials every morning.


A newer brand with a vintage flair is Pretty Vulgar, an innovative and also cruelty-free beauty brand that has recently become a new name at Sephora. With their indulgent and eclectic aesthetic, it is impossible not to feel as if you’ve been sent back in time when you pick up their classic products. From the elegance of the packaging to the diversity of their formulas both you and your vanity will feel like you stepped out of another generation. Everything from eyeliners to brushes, even their nail polishes, have such an air of everlasting vintage charm.


And then for those wanting pure teen nostalgia, Caboodles is back. The colorful and hip carrying case for all your blue eye shadow and smackers lip balm is back and screaming 80s and 90s vibes. Although they do not offer a full range of beauty products, the Caboodles vintage makeup case is a classic. Unfortunately many of us probably tossed ours out years ago without realizing how important throwback products would be. Thankfully you can pick a new one up from Urban Outfitters and feel just as cool as ever. With compartments for all your scrunchies and body glitters to a nicely sized mirror, and even a handy travel friendly design, Caboodles is still your makeup’s best friend.

And that’s all we have for you today. These are beauty products that will send you back in time with teenage nostalgia, Old Hollywood glamour, or just an entirely different era in beauty. Which one caught your vintage loving eye?


Photo Credit: cover via Juldan Salon, first photo via Besame Cosmetics, second photo via The Balm Cosmetics, third photo via Benefit Cosmetics, fourth photo via Pretty Vulgar, and fifth photo via Urban Outfitters.

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