Beauty Glossary: Common and Confusing Words

“What do you mean?” is probably a question you ask a lot if you read about beauty, but are less than familiar with beauty jargon or beauty slang. You probably know what contouring is by now, but you may not know what Instagram Brows are or what Baking is.
Now, I am not calling you out or saying you have to know these terms to love beauty or makeup. This world is for everyone from beginners to pros and everything in between. But, being familiar with what these things are mean can make your beauty journey that much more smooth. Plus, once you learn what these beauty words mean, you can learn the technique, and maybe even use it in your everyday routine.

Beauty, like most everything else in life, is all about learning. There is an endless world of techniques, looks, styles, and ideas for you to know, play with, and eventually master. So here are some of the most common and most confusing beauty slang words and their definitions.

Instagram Brows

Photo via    Makeup Mania

Photo via Makeup Mania

We will start here because we mentioned Instagram Brows in a recent post, but some readers were not familiar with the term. Even if this is a new idea to you, there is a good chance you have seen this look pop up on your feed once or twice. Essentially, Instagram brows are very precise and defined. They start very soft and feathery and become quite strong and intense near the tail. So why are they called Instagram brows? That is mostly because they photograph so well. They almost look like a work of art. But people have an issue with this trend, as it began with drag makeup, which requires a lot of skill and practice. No matter your stance on the Instagram brow, it is without a doubt an impressive brow look.


Spider Lashes

Photo via    Maybelline

Photo via Maybelline

Spider lashes may seem like a self-explanatory term, but many still don’t exactly know what it entails. Clumpy lashes are one thing, but spider lashes are usually an intentional look. I am sure you have tried a less than defining mascara that gave your lashes a clumped look. But spider lashes are a trend, so to speak, that has made a bit of a come back recently. Maybelline even has a mascara called Spider Lash Effect. And what effect is that? This look makes your lashes look messy, sort of like the legs of a spider. It causes your lashes to point in all different directions. It is not that wispy or defined type of look, rather it provides you with insane amounts of volume. This is by no means a natural lash look, and it is not at all my cup of tea, but to each their own.


Cut Crease

Photo via    Manny Mua

Photo via Manny Mua

A cut crease is an eyeshadow look that has come and gone over the years and right now it is back and badder than ever. And by bad, I mean good. The cut crease does not mean actually cutting your crease. And if you are not quite sure what your crease is, it is the area of your eyelid that is deeper or where your socket ends. And a cut crease is the opposite of a blended crease. The method requires quite a bit of practice, but is beautifully sharp when properly achieved. First, you blend a mid-tone above your crease, use a liquid concealer to carve out a harsh line in your crease, and finally set it with powder. It sounds simpler than it is, but it is worth a try.



Photo via    Beautylish

Photo via Beautylish

A tightline is not the same thing as a tightrope. Tightlining is a method of applying eyeliner tightly to the root of the lashes, so that there is no visible space between the lashes. Essentially, this is done to make the lashes appear fuller and thicker. But it often includes applying eyeliner to the waterline, which is the part of your lid that is wet and can be quite uncomfortable to apply makeup to. This is a classic technique celebrities, makeup artists, and your mom have used for ages to achieve a more defined look on the eyes.


No Poo

Photo via    Amanda Bicket

Photo via Amanda Bicket

No poo does not have anything to do with your bowels. Rather it is a very common haircare method that has become wildly popular the last few years. And what is it? No poo means cleaning your hair without traditional shampoo. And why would anyone do this? Often shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils causing dryness, dullness, and damage. Plus, avoiding shampoo can help those with oily hair buildup time between washes. If your hair gets used to going without shampoo it will build up oils slower. Going no poo helps to add volume and texture to flat hair and helps reduce frizz in thicker and curlier hair. There will always be an adjustment period to going no poo, but there are multiple ways to make it work for you. Some wash their hair with just water, others use baking soda or apple cider vinegar. It is all about what works for you.



Photo via    The Muse Fix

Photo via The Muse Fix

Baking is fun and gives you a delicious dessert. But, when it comes to makeup it gives you a flawless finish. Just like baking in the kitchen comes with a bit of waiting, so does makeup baking. The term and method of baking has been used by drag queens for years. (Shoutout to drag queens for discovering some of the best beauty secrets of our time). And what it entails is applying a layer of translucent powder on top of your foundation and concealer and letting it set for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you dust it off to reveal an airbrushed look to the skin. This helps your makeup last longer, prevents creasing, brightens, and can take your everyday makeup up a ton of notches.



Photo via  Moi Favs

Photo via Moi Favs

You might think K-beauty has something to do with the Kardashians, but it actually stands for Korean Beauty. This is a term used for skincare that derives from South Korea. It has recently gained immense popularity in the west, because it centers on hydration and adding a plumpness to the skin. This phenomenon took off worldwide once people realized why so many Asian women have such youthful skin. Rather than focusing on makeup, in Korea, the focus in on an in-depth skincare routine. The traction K-beauty has had in recent years has led to a growth of availability in the US. Some K-beauty brands to look out for are, Neogen, COSRX (Fatima uses their Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, it has 0% oils, moisturizes, smoothes, and rejuvenates for an even toned complexion, and helps maintain an acne-free skin), Glow Recipe, and Too Cool For School.



Photo via    Instyle

Photo via Instyle

Try not to confuse microblading with dermablading. Dermablading is a method of scraping the surface of the skin to gently remove dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and even to exfoliate the skin. This process reveals softer and smoother skin, which helps the makeup application. But microblading is entirely different. Microblading is a technique only to be used by professionals that essentially tattoos pigment onto the eyebrows. Rather than using a needle like traditional tattooing, this method uses a small blade to make precise strokes on the skin that replicate real brow hairs. This is a wonderful choice for those with thin brows that are in need of enhancement or reshaping. It is quite a pricey process and can be time-consuming, but in most cases, the results are stunning and extremely long-lasting. Due to this growing trend, many brands have recently released brow pens to help you achieve the microblading look at home. But, if you have sparse brows and despise filling them daily, this is definitely something to look into.

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