What is Franken Makeup?

Have you heard of franken-makeup? Maybe not. After all, it is a relatively new idea and is not exactly a running success. No, it isn’t making your makeup look like Frankenstein or anything like that. It also isn’t the next cat eye or liquid lip craze. In fact, it is nothing more than the process of mixing a bunch of makeup together. You know, sort of how Dr. Frankenstein sewed parts of people together to create his monster? Only this is a lot more glamorous and a lot less spooky.

The idea of fixing or repressing broken, shattered, or cracked makeup with rubbing alcohol is nothing new… If you have ever dropped your favorite powder bronzer or highlight, you have probably found DIY method all over the internet. But, franken-makeup takes that process a step further. This was first introduced to the online beauty community about a year ago by one of the most unique creators there is, Safiya Nygaard. With over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, this method of makeup creation or recreation has taken off. She has done videos making franken-lipstick, franken-eyeshadows, franken-highlighters, and more.


Her videos are mostly entertainment based. She takes all her foundations or lipsticks, and mixes them together to create one monster makeup product. But if you want to try this out for yourself, you can still accomplish it with as little as two or three products. Say you have two bronzers you sort of like but rarely use… franken them. I’m not sure I said that exactly right, but you catch my drift.

You can mix a more cool-toned highlight and a gold one to make something that will suit your skin tone and your preference. You can even take a highlight and bronzer, and make a split pan if you like a two-in-one product.

Apart from the satisfaction we all get from seeing our stunning makeup being destroyed, this process will not only save broken makeup, but also make customized shades a reality. Hailey and Kat from Beauty News do this weekly in their series “The Makeup Breakup.” Now, you can follow their method of repressing destroyed makeup, which seems to work quite well, but if you are new to the franken-makeup world, you may want a bit of guidance. FIXY sells an entire kit for this purpose. You can fix broken makeup easily or create your own custom shades and palettes with all the tools you might need.


Whether you choose to do it alone or take on the help of this handy dandy kit, Franken-makeup is definitely something to look into on a rainy afternoon. If you are anything like me and find yourself getting bored of your makeup, or just getting stuck in a rut, this could be your way to spice things up. You already know your makeup collection is filled with shades you like… but maybe you are not using some of them, so mixing a few together could be what you needed to reach for the outliers again.


This could be a fun experiment or an actual way to get use out of all the makeup you buy. Now, I would not recommend destroying your favorite or most expensive products, because if frankening your makeup is new to you, it may not turn out as a major success the first time around. So, start out with some of the rejects of your collection. For me, I would reach into my drawer and grab some of those old Maybelline eyeshadow quads that have questionable expiration dates and start from there.

I personally prefer warmer shades of eyeshadow, because they make my blue eyes pop. But this palette, for instance, contains a cool shade that is not exactly my cup of tea. I would destroy the top left and bottom right shades, and try to make a more neutral tone to suit my eye color. Another idea would be combining a bronzer that is too light and one too dark to create a custom shade that is ideal for my skin tone. The same goes for blushes or highlights. The best part is that you don’t actually have to destroy your entire compact. You can simply scrape a bit of each color into a new pan. That way, you can create new shades while still holding onto the originals just in case your experiment flops. So what will be your first franken-makeup experiment?

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