Color Trend: What's Going to Be the Hottest Color in Makeup?

It seems like there is a new beauty launch every other day. And well that is because there is. With a new palette here and a new collection there, how are we supposed to keep up with the trends? Well the beauty community has come together and concluded what the most coveted new trend is. And it is official...

For years, we had the brown smokey eye phase with things like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Then the mauves and rose golds came along with the Urban Decay Naked 3. Most recently warm reds, pinks, and oranges have been the must have shades. And you may have seen some softer pinks and purples pop up on your radar recently. But what’s next?

No matter what neutrals you go for, a wearable eyeshadow palette with a pop of blue has been regurgitated with slight alterations for years. But, drumroll please…

YELLOW is the new stand out shade. And I am living for it.

Beauty Color Trend - OPENLETR 1

Photo via Feminity and Glamorous

In case you haven’t picked up on this less than subtle hint when scrolling through your Instagram feed, yellow is the latest and greatest shade to have joined the club. Now who introduced us to this fun and colorful trend? Was it Kylie Jenner with her Weather Collection that features everything from yellow packaging to a buttery yellow shadow and bright yellow gel liner?

Beauty Color Trend - OPENLETR 2.png

Photo via Kylie Jenner

Or has yellow been in the works as the coming soon shade forever? Has every other color simply been played out? I really don’t know, but what I do have to say is that I’m not mad about it. We are always looking for something new and innovative to make a statement in the beauty industry. We constantly complain that every brand releases the same generic products, and although yellow is a common color in Crayola crayons and on kitchen walls, it is pretty dang new to the gang when it comes to eyeshadows.

So where can you expect to find this trend in the coming seasons? Some indie brands as well as major companies have released or at least hinted at their versions of a pop of yellow.

Beauty Color Trend - OPENLETR 3.png

Photo via Beauty News

First up, is the sassy YouTuber Manny MUA. The fabulous sneak peeks of his Lunar Beauty palette seem to feature a gloriously warm yellow that will help you fade a sunset look into the crease or warm up some cool shadows with something other than brown. And as someone who is a big name in beauty, he knows what’s up.

Photo via Kat Von D Beauty

Recently the Kat Von D 10 Year Anniversary collection launched. Not only am I drooling over the luxurious gold packaging, but the colorful selection of unique shades gives us a mustard matte yellow and a dirty yellow gold to play with. She is steering clear of the been there done that palette and has released a palette beauty lovers will adore. (Off topic, but that teal though 🏼).

Beauty Color Trend - OPENLETR 5.jpg

Photo via Clionadh Cosmetics

If you are not familiar, Clionadh Cosmetics is an indie makeup brand that received a lot of attention for their Archeo eyeshadow palette (left). It seems like before the big names in beauty got on the bandwagon, they were having fun with exciting shades. Their latest launch is the Paleo Palette (right). Both feature some gorgeously rich yellows, but the newer of the two is a touch more toned down, but also a touch more shimmery. Either way they are both available for preorder right now, so grab them while they last.

Beauty Color Trend - OPENLETR 6.png

Photo via Maybelline 

The one you may have noticed on the shelves of your local pharmacy is the Maybelline Lemonade Craze. This is more of a pink lemonade palette if you ask me, but either way even the drugstore is making its way into the latest makeup trend. So if you aren’t one to invest in fads that may not last longer than a single season, a drugstore alternative like this may just be perfect for you to experiment with a bright sunshine shade.

How do you feel about the yellow shadow trend? Does it remind you of your school bus riding days or are you here for it? Let us know on social media or in a comment below. Will you invest in yellow eyeshadows or wait to see if the next makeup trend catches your eye?



Cover photo via Feminity and Glamorous