While Everyone in South Korea Watching the Opening Ceremonies, North Korea Sneaks in and Steals Some Stuff

With all of South Korea either at the opening of the Olympic ceremonies, or at home watching, North Korea figured now was as good a time as any to sneak in and take what they can get.

Dubbed “Operation Nobodies Home” North Korea simply waltzed in to South Korea and grabbed stuff. Mainly food as it is in short supply, but also things like TV’s, computers and really whatever they could get their hands on within the three hour ceremony.

South Korean Ann Lee, who lives very close to the DMZ border said “we had just gotten home from watching the ceremony, and when we opened the door we heard a noise. Then we heard a door slam and saw thousands of people jumping over our fence and running north for the border. They were carrying a lot of stuff.” 

President of North Korea, Kim Jong Un denied the claim, “we have plenty of stuff up here. We don’t need to go there and steal things like delicious Twinkies or incredibly tasty hot dogs, or any kind of meat that is readily available to us every day.”  The President continued, “those people are crazy. We were all at home watching the Olympics too on our big screen TV’s. They probably just left their shopping bags on the top of their car and drove away, that happens all the time.”

So far 2,000 homes have been reported burglarized, but the final count is sure to rise. When last seen, President Kim Jong Un was enjoying a Twinkie while roasting some hot dogs for his state dinner with China. 

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