Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is a phrase we have all heard time and time again. Maybe from your grandmother or perhaps in your favorite fairytale, but have you ever really considered that it is real and something you should prioritize? As if you needed another reason to stay in bed longer. But other than just not being exhausted all day, there are some amazing beauty benefits to getting enough sleep. Ergo the term beauty sleep.

I am sure you notice that after a rough night, you may not look your best. And although our post Look Your Best After A Long Night battles the effects of lacking sleep, getting enough shut eye really is the best beauty booster. Not only do you deserve the self-care that getting a proper snooze provides, but your skin will benefit from a few extra Zzz’s.   

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While you sleep, your body is recovering. Your mind, muscles and skin benefit from rest. This is one of the reasons we tend to use more intense skincare products at night. Since your skin naturally repairs itself while you sleep, moisturizers, anti-aging serums, and the like all offer even more potent results while you get your rest. Sleeping helps you produce collagen, which resurfaces your skin and heals multiple issues. Therefore, the more sleep you get the more collagen is produced, and the more benefits your skin will receive. In fact, those who get less that 5 hours of sleep regularly have been known to show signs of aging earlier in life than those who get 7+ hours nightly.

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There are plenty of beauty products you can use in the AM to boost radiance and add some glow to your skin. But rather than investing in pricey skincare, wouldn’t you rather get a full night of sleep, and look more glowy naturally? When you get too little sleep, your skin can look dull and dry, which in turn makes you look more tired. When you get the amount of sleep your body actually needs, you should wake up with bright and radiant skin, not a drab lackluster one. Why save up to afford your skincare routine when just a few more hours cuddled up in bed can make all the difference?

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This one is pretty obvious, but darkness under the eyes. This is a telltale sign that you got less than your full night of sleep. This is also the reason concealer companies are not going out of business anytime soon. We try everything we can to cover up those unflattering bags. We have even shared a post about it. And although waking up feeling rested may not entirely turn the clock back, beauty sleep is a way to prevent the problem rather than hiding it. Getting enough sleep on a daily or nightly basis should improve darkness and fine lines, so you look younger and well rested.

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Less sleep means your body and mind are not properly resting. And without that rest, you become stressed, exhausted, and underperform in every aspect of your life. All of this leads to your body over producing cortisol. This overdrive of hormones can freak out your body in multiple ways. Not only will it increase inflammation, but it can cause acne, and even hair loss. So if you thought staying up to finish watching the latest season of Orange Is The New Black was worth a few hours of shut eye, maybe think again.

Along with beauty sleep, snoozing offers tons of other health benefits that can easily be correlated to your appearance. Getting a visit from the sandman helps to improve your immunity, memory, and your mood. If you have not drifted off to dream land lately, your chances of experiencing anxiety, depression, and even irritability are all increased. But dozing off improves your stress levels, creativity, coordination, and more.

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Once you start seeing all the benefits of a good night of sleep, you should be waking up like this every morning. When you rise and shine after a full  7 - 9 hours, you feel more refreshed alert, so that all parts of your life are improved.

This is no excuse for staying in bed on your phone until noon, rather heading to bed a bit earlier will offer the most effective beauty benefits. But instead of thinking of sleep as a bodily necessity that gets in the way of work, relationships, and binge watching, think of it as a major player in your skincare routine. Beauty sleep is a real thing, and should be treated as such. Just ask my girl Aurora. She got plenty of sleep, and woke up to the love of her life. Just maybe head to bed on your own, and bypass the whole pricking your finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel part.



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