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The Politics of Roseanne

The two most important shows of my adolescence were Roseanne and The Cosby Show. When these were on the air, they became my family, as I didn’t have much of one. Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations wrecked the Huxtables for me, but I still had the Conners, this witty family and the first to accurately depict working-class whites.

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Will Kenya Legalize Homosexuality?

Gay marriage, say some Kenyan religious leaders, is “Un-African.” It is against the law. According to the Kenyan legal code, sodomy is illegal under section 162. But when was the last time that anti-sodomy laws were enforced against married couples? Of course “sodomy,” as it is called, is de facto legal among consenting heterosexual couples […]

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Everyday Elements Designed by Unsung Women Designers

Diversity is good for business, and that is true not just for the employees. In the case of the creative field, such as product or industrial design, more voices means more people are being spoken with, thus more ideas are being explored. This was a lesson that began to be learned in the 1940s (if not earlier) when General Motors hired female designers to make their automobiles more appealing to women.

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